Natural Fibres

We use only natural fibres, organic cotton, european linen and several types of natural wool. Our speciality is using finnsheep wool, as it is local, ecological, and ensures that our woollens are fluffy and warm.

Finnsheep wool

We have been working for years with shephards and wool spinneries to bring our own finnsheep breed’s wool into production. We process wool in small quantities to develop the best quality yarns for our wovens. In Finland sheeps can live a good life in small herds, enjoying the best care. The wool is processed into worsted special yarns by a small finnish spinnery, Pirtin kehräämö. We produce also special yarn batches using the rare Kainuu Grey wool, which is lustrous in look and durable in use. These special batches is spun in a small spinnery in Estonia.


Organic cotton (GOTS certified)

The GOTS standard ensures environmentally and socially sustainable manufacturing of cotton all the way from the fields to yarns. We buy our organic cotton from a German spinnery, specializing in fine cotton yarns. We prefer undyed, raw white cotton to minimise the use of chemicals in cotton processing. The raw white cotton is the softest one there is!

European flax (linen)

Flax is considered to be one of the most ecological natural fibres, because just rainwater and only minimal amounts of fertilizers are needed to grow it in the humidity of the Atlantic coast. The European flax we use is of french origin.